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Video of the Day: Janina Gavankar “Waiting for Godot”

Boxx Magazine November 5, 2012

Janina Gavankar Waiting for Godot

“True Blood” actress Janina Gavankar (aka Luna Garza on the hit show) also has a budding music career if her new single “Waiting for Godot” is any indication. Today, debuted the video, which was shot in a single day thanks to some help from Gavankar’s friends including director Caitlin Pashalek who had previously worked with the actress on a video cover of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown.”

See Janina Gavankar’s “Waiting for Godot” video

The song takes its name from the Samuel Beckett play of the same name and references waiting heartlessly for a friend (or in this case, love) to show up. The stark contrasts of the visuals in this film and a double-edged personality (both played by Gavankar) remind us of Bjork’s atmospheric work mixed with a jazzy downtown backbone and modern reflexes of dubstep.

Look for an upcoming EP on Randy Jackson’s Dream Merchant 21 label to come in the near future.

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