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Exclusive Video Premiere: Courtney Jaye “Morning”

Boxx Magazine June 9, 2014

Courtney Jaye

When a day ends dark, there will always be another morning. That’s the beautiful feeling driven home in Courtney Jaye’s new song, “Morning,” which charismatically merges her trademark style of Hawaiian pop with retro songwriter twang. The Nashville-based musician is teaming up with Boxx to debut her brand new video, directed by Gus Black. Here’s what she had to say about the track in her own words:

“‘Morning’ was originally written from the perspective of a man—specifically my co-writer and one of my dearest friends, Thad Cockrell. We wrote it on a post-rainy, muggy Nashville Spring evening many years ago, about some trials he was experiencing with his then-girlfriend. We realized at the time that his girlfriend and I had a ton of similarities with our fears about love and our pasts and how those fears obstructed us from allowing ourselves to truly be loved by another person. We switched some words around so I could sing it from a female perspective, and it became one of my favorite songs on my new record Love and Forgiveness. It’s almost like a meditation for me now: The more I sing this song, the more I feel it heals those old wounds and grounds a deep sense of hope and strength inside of me.”

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