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Soko: October 24, 2013 in New York City (PHOTOS)

Boxx Magazine November 5, 2014

In New York City’s impossibly intricate United Palace Cathedral, Soko made a unique impression opening for Foster the People. While some may not know her name yet, other dedicated fans came out in full, their loud cheering providing a warm welcome for the French indie chanteuse on a chilly autumn night. Soko (real name Stephanie Sokolinksi) is a multi-instrumentalist, and she proved her talent by switching between keyboard, drums and guitar as she performed songs from her 2012 album I Thought I Was an Alien.

Prior to performing the title track, Soko commented that she used to bring audience members onstage to dance during the song but has since been stopped by the “fun police.” This didn’t stop the singer from dancing onstage herself—spinning around, running back and forth and even lifting her skirt to “moon” the audience through her leggings.

At the end of the performance, Soko spent time at her merch table, offering hugs, autographs and friendly conversation to those waiting in line. Playing smaller venues has allowed Soko’s fans to get closer to her before she undoubtedly breaks into the big leagues.

Photos by Sasha Maese


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