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Video of the Day: September Mourning “Before the Fall”

Boxx Magazine June 24, 2013

Welcome to September’s fantasy world, a “paranormal dreamscape” where the living and the dead meet as two plains of existence collide. Told through graphic novels and other visual media, the project of New Yorker Emily Lazar also has a musical side, including 2012’s concept album Before the Fall. Here the title track is the “first chapter” in telling September’s story, and from the looks of it, it will be quite a journey.

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  • devix

    the better part of this project is the fact that September Mourning is being treated like a full art piece… characters. story. filmic qualities. the imagery will hopefully become so demanded that we temporarily loose ourselves. i look forward to hearing the experimentation and developments of M Lazar’s progressive art pieces. excellent work thus far. a hard road traveled and far superior than the pop filth corrupting the tenderly feeble minded music lovers of today’s internet anti-culture. all the best.