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Exclusive: Video Interview with Meiko

Brett Aaron Marlow October 14, 2014

Instead of telling her exes (or the bitchy broads who stole them from her) how she really feels, acclaimed singer-songwriter Meiko likes to pen passive-aggressive letters to those who have wronged her—without ever licking the stamp to make it complete.

Consider the sentiment signed, sealed and delivered in her latest work, Dear You, released October 14. The 11-track album is a amalgamation of those thoughts and feelings sincerely signed with the singer’s uncanny ability to morph organic beats and bare production with eerie electric guitar that paints the portrait of their tepid time together. Trading in her usual sultry, slower acoustic numbers, Meiko plugs in and gets sensual on Dear You. The album is funky and sassy with one booty call song, another entitled “Go To Hell,” and on one track, dares to call one of the skanks “nothing but a coin slot.”

Boxx Senior Editor Brett Aaron Marlow caught up with Meiko to dish on deep issues—like Chicago pizza, of course—plus the perks and pitfalls of growing up in a town of 800 and what inspired her new sonic sound.


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