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These are some of the amazing people that make the Boxx magic happen. We love them and you should too!

Alison Baitz

Alison Baitz is a freelance writer based on the East Coast, whose work can be seen in places like Lucky, Refinery29 and Bust. Though she writes often about emerging fashion designers now, she got her start with music writing in college. She pretty much thinks that The Cure is the best band ever, and is really into anything Morrissey has ever had a hand in.

Ashley Brooks

Ashley Brooks is from Portland, Maine. She is the creator and director of a new web series/television show called Haunt ME. She currently works as a journalist for Shiprex, a blog about treasure hunting and ocean exploration. Her writing has been featured in Words and Images Literary Journal and Venus Zine.

Ben Schulman

Ben Schulman has graced many stages in many places. From his child actor youth in Los Angeles and New York, to kicking around San Francisco and Austin, TX as a fledgling musician, Schulman now resides in Chicago, where he works as the Communications Director for an architectural non-profit, and as a writer on urban affairs.

Bess Korey

Bess Korey aka DJ Roxie Stardust, lives in Portland, OR, and is a former Venus Zine writer, that has also had her work appear in Bitch Magazine and Make/Shift. She maintains a blog at, which compiles interviews she has done with female musicians. She also loves to sing and has fronted two Glam Rock bands

Bree Davies

Bree Davies is a journalist, writer, and musician based out of Denver, Colorado. She has been a contributor for the likes of XOJane and Alternative Press, and is a former Assistant Editor for The A.V. Club Denver. As a writer, Davies takes on music, art and social issues with heart. As a musician, she has toured and produced music through her band’s self-taught, self-funded means, and remains an active and vocal member of Denver’s D.I.Y. community.

Brett Aaron Marlow

Brett Aaron Marlow is a freelance writer based in Chicago and is a lover of music, food, fashion, and chaos. When not writing, Marlow is probably cooking and dancing to Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 2 in his kitchen. He’s uniquely excited about anything 70s-inspired, health food, celebrity biographies, reality TV (sorry, not sorry?), vintage guitars, and his first musical love, Sheryl Crow. And yeah, he kinda looks like Andy Warhol.

Camille Robles

Camille Robles is from Oakland, California. She has spent a lot of the last decade writing about music (Venuszine) and promoting music (One Little Indian Records US). In 2012 she started Ramble & Ride, a catch-all for her artistic adventures — from book art, letterpress, and graphic design, to hand lettering, travel, and writing (editorial and poetic works).

Cat Veit

Cat pays songwriters by day. Rest of her time is spent scouring Yelp for coffee, brunch and beer. Her work has appeared in Music Connection Magazine, Venus Zine, GPSMyCity and Elevated Difference.

Crystal Erickson

Crystal works in the music industry and is a freelance writer. She is also the creator of Bicycle Anarchy. Her work has appeared in Slingshot, Venus Zine, The A.V. Club and

Eleanor C. Whitney

Eleanor C. Whitney is a writer, arts administrator and guitarist in the band Corita living in Brooklyn, New York. She works at the New York Foundation for the Arts, writes about art, culture and food, and is the author of the forthcoming book Grow: How to Take Your Do It Yourself Project and Passion to the Next Level and Quit Your Job, which will be released in the spring of 2013 on Cantankerous Titles.

Why I Boxx:
“As an emerging writer and musician Boxx provides an essential platform for showcasing and developing talent and creativity. In a media environment that continues to ignore, belittle or stereotype the contribution of women to music, art and popular culture, Boxx’s approach to give a voice to female-focused creativity is fresh, fun, relevant and needed. I’m am excited to see boxx grow!”

Emi Peters

Emi is a southern transplant now living in Brooklyn. A self-described feminist with a music agenda, she spends her time frequenting live shows, fantasizing about playing roller derby, and secretly living a double life as a rock star. Emi has written for Venus Zine, Gapers Block and Pop ‘Stache.

Why I Boxx:
“To me, Boxx Magazine means giving talented women in music the kind of dedicated coverage they deserve, beyond the annual “Women who rock” issue that some music magazines deem satisfactory. It’s important to give female musicians an outlet where their craft can be heard and seen in an industry that predominately caters to men. I feel Boxx can also inspire other women and young girls to go out there and share their art with the masses.”

Emily Tan

Emily Tan is a NYC-born, NJ bred freelance journalist and photographer who splits her time between the US and UK. She covers numerous topics that range from music and pop culture to youth activism and women’s rights for various online and print publications. She loves gig hopping, a great cup of coffee and listening to Fleetwood Mac on vinyl.

Gabrielle Moss

Gabrielle Moss is a writer and editor who has written for, Nerve, The Hairpin, and other fine publications.She lives in Brooklyn, and she thinks you are perfect just the way you are.

Jessica Nikolich

Jessica is a freelance writer in Chicago frequently spotted at concerts, festivals and assorted cultural events. She formerly worked as an assistant editor for The Alpena News, a daily newspaper in northern Michigan, covering city, environmental, and human interest issues. Her writing also can be found in Vox Magazine and MSN UK as well as on her blog. Follow Jessica on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jim Keller

Jim has been a freelance writer and editor in New York for 11 years. He writes an Oscar watch column titled “For Your Consideration,” distributed via the Rockefeller University’s Natural Selections, which he also edits, and he maintains a weekly film update titled “This Week in Movie News,” distributed via email. His work has been featured in Venus Zine, The Deli Magazine and RockRGrl. Jim is not shy, follow him: @mumbojimbo

Jonathan Shipley

Jonathan Shipley is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in such varied publications as the Los Angeles Times, Diner Journal, Fine Books & Collections Magazine, and Lexus. He lives with his daughter in Seattle and is planning on writing a travel memoir about their adventures driving across America.

Kaitlen Exum

After a somewhat peripatetic career, Kaitlen is happily ensconced as Project Manager for the Chicago Tribune’s News Apps team; previously, she worked as a conference producer, a marketer, a copy editor, and a staff writer for a reference journal. She has been published in The Villager, Gay City News, Downtown Express, and Current Biography, and she blogs for and She owns a cat and multiple tiaras.

Kelly Skinner

Kelly Skinner is a writer and editor living in Atlanta. When not interviewing celebs like William Shatner or Norah Jones, Skinner spends her time reading, seeing shows, dunking fries in dipping sauces and walking her dog, Madeline. Her work has appeared in such mags as JEZEBEL, Redbook, The Atlantan, Skirt!, Blush and the South. She’s currently working on her first young adult novel.

Laura Braun

Laura Marie Braun is a writer from Chicago with a passion for travel and bar trivia. She currently lives in San Francisco and can be found perusing the aisles at Amoeba Music and continuing the search for good pizza in California.

Lauren Jonik

Lauren Jonik is a Brooklyn, NY-based freelance writer and photographer. She can be found wandering the city with her camera, immersed in the sounds of a new (or not-so-new) band, happily devouring a good book or with a pen in hand scribbling ideas for her next article or essay. Her landscape, cityscape, nature and concert photography can be viewed on: Shoot Like a Girl Photography Connect with her on: Facebook and at @laurenjonik.

Lauren Wise

Lauren Wise is heavy metal/hard rock journalist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. When she isn’t interviewing musicians and and reviewing shows for various publications, she works as an travel magazine editor and book editor. Since graduating from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, she traveled throughout the world to such destinations as Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, London, France and the Caribbean, learning about different cultures and various genres of music.

Lily Moayeri

Los Angeles-based writer/teacher Lily Moayeri has been writing about music since 1992. Over the years her scope has widened to include the occasional article on television, art, fashion, and random elements of pop culture. She is a major contributor to The Guerilla Guide To Music, a textbook currently being used at University of Westminster in London, England. You can find Lily’s writings aggregated on her work-in-progress blog,, named after the Who song.

Mandy Van Deven

Mandy Van Deven is a writer, global advocate, and online media strategist. Her work exploring contemporary feminisms, global activism, and sexuality has been published by Salon, The Guardian, AlterNet, GlobalPost, The Independent, and Marie Claire.

Marisa Iacobucci

Marisa Iacobucci is a Toronto-based freelance writer and editor and mom to two beautiful and busy little girls. Her works have appeared in numerous publications and websites, including Venus Magazine and Poor Taste Magazine where she blogs as Gastromommy.

Molly Lynch

Molly Lynch is a Chicago-based writer, editor and worrywart. When she’s not working as a copywriter by day, she’s probably correcting your grammar, admiring something on vinyl or judging your engagement photos on Facebook. Her work has been featured in Forbes Travel Guide, Luxury Home Quarterly and Venus Zine.

Rachel Angres

Rachel Angres is an idiosyncratic thumb war champion, cheese enthusiast, cyclist and a journalist from Chicago. She can be spotted wearing earmuffs year round.

Roxanna Bennett

Roxanna Bennett is a Canadian third-wave feminist and freelance writer. Her work has appeared in Rockstar Magazine, women-focused Venus Zine, Hip Mama, Feminists for Choice, Gender Focus, Popshot and numerous literary magazines and websites.

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