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Katie Kate 1

Introducing Katie Kate, Rapping For A New Nation

Katie Kate could have just made a white female pop record, but she's on a different mission with "Nation." [...]

July 16, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews

The Julie Ruin: April 9, 2014 in Chicago

Kathleen Hanna makes a triumphant return with The Julie Ruin's first gig in Chicago, showing her impact and star power aren't going anywhere. [...]

April 16, 2014 Shows
Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett: February 18, 2014 in Chicago

Armed with a deadpan singing style and a wicked sense of humor, the young Aussie brings her bone-dry charm to a sold-out show at Chicago's Empty Bottle. [...]

March 3, 2014 Shows
Kathleen Hanna

Riot-ing Forth: Kathleen Hanna and the Reincarnation of Julie Ruin

Once a riot grrrl, always a riot grrrl. With The Julie Ruin's new album 'Run Fast,' Kathleen Hanna proves the tough visionary is still roaring inside. [...]

September 9, 2013 Articles, Features, Interviews