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Perfect Pussy

Perfect Pussy and Potty Mouth: May 29, 2014 in Los Angeles

Riot grrrl and grunge influences abound in the double set of Perfect Pussy and Potty Mouth but the sound overamplified the important messages. [...]

June 4, 2014 Shows
Speedy Ortiz

Speedy Ortiz: March 28, 2014 in Los Angeles

Headliner Stephen Malkmus might have been electrocuted, but it was opener Speedy Ortiz that was truly electric. [...]

April 2, 2014 Shows
David Bowie

Boxx’s Top 10 Male Boxxes of 2013

From Grouplove's frontman to veterans like Bowie and McCartney, we've rounded up our favorite Male Boxxes of the year. [...]

December 26, 2013 Articles, Features, Male Boxx
The Parkington Sisters

The Parkington Sisters Hit a Home Run with Latest Release

Massachusetts sibling group the Parkington Sisters discuss their music, the Boss and the Red Sox (mostly the Red Sox). [...]

October 31, 2013 Articles, Features, Interviews