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Boxx’s Conversations of the Year 2014

We loved getting to know folks like vets Kim Shattuck and Kristin Hersh and newbies Queen Kwong and Liv Warfield this year. [...]

December 29, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews
Agnes Obel

Boxx’s Artists of the Year 2014: Agnes Obel

Boxx Magazine has named its artists of 2014 including Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel who has finally had her year breaking into America. [...]

December 8, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews

Going Back to Basics with Deerhoof

Deerhoof recently celebrated their twenty-year anniversary, and for those who have been following their career for the majority of that time span, it is evident that their sound has evolved considerably. Despite the changes in lineup and journey from freeform [...]

November 13, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews
Photo by Piper Ferguson

In Full Bloom: The Growth of Singer-Songwriter Arrica Rose

Arrica Rose’s music career started as music careers start – when she was a kid, knee-high to a grasshopper, sitting in her room with a Fisher Price record player and a Frank Sinatra disk on the turntable, crooning “New York, New [...]

November 11, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews
Meiko 4

Exclusive: Video Interview with Meiko

Meiko talks about the scathing letters to her ex-lovers on new album "Dear You" plus other deep issues like Chicago pizza naturally. [...]

October 14, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews
Marketa Irglova1

Marketa Irglova is “Once” and Again

Market Irgovla moves to Iceland, becomes a mother and finds a new spiritual side that infiltrates her second solo album, "Muna." [...]

October 2, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews

The Road to ‘Lililand’ with Lili Haydn

The pint-sized violin prodigy opens up about the very emotional journey that led her to create "Lililand." [...]

September 30, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews
Teri Gender Bender 2

Teri Gender Bender Brings Le Butcherettes Back With A Vengeance

Teri Gender Bender is back with another Le Butcherettes record, and she shares the very personal stories behind it. [...]

September 24, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews