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Sevendust 2

Male Boxx: LJ Witherspoon from Sevendust

LJ Witherspoon sings a little Rihanna and Fiona Apple for Boxx and discuss Sevendust's latest album Black Out the Sun. [...]

June 8, 2013 Features, Interviews, Male Boxx

Male Boxx: Doug Eldridge of Oleander

We caught up with Doug Eldridge at this year's Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio. [...]

May 30, 2013 Interviews, Male Boxx
Hollis Brown

Male Boxx: Mike Montali of Hollis Brown

Hollis Brown guitarist Mike Montali divulges on the recording of the band's debut, Ride on the Train, and his mad love for Adele. [...]

May 30, 2013 Articles, Features, Male Boxx
Big Wreck 3

Male Boxx: Ian Thornley from Big Wreck

Ian Thornley sat with us at Rock on the Range to discuss the album title, collaborations, female guitarists, and his doppelganger Chris Cornell. [...]

May 23, 2013 Features, Interviews, Male Boxx
Andrew Wyatt

Male Boxx: Andrew Wyatt

Relax, Miike Snow is not splitting up. While on break, Andrew Wyatt "Descends" into a new solo project and takes the time to tell us about his lady loves. [...]

May 1, 2013 Articles, Features, Interviews, Male Boxx

Male Boxx: Mark Tremonti

We caught a few moments with Mark Tremonti while he warmed up his fingers for a show in Illinois, and asked him about some women who rock. [...]

March 27, 2013 Features, Male Boxx
robert mark fuller

Male Boxx: Mark Robert Fuller of Gold Fields

Mark Robert Fuller of Gold Fields tells Boxx about the three takes behind his band's debut and the women artists who have inspired him. [...]

March 5, 2013 Articles, Interviews, Male Boxx
Paul Sprangers Male Boxx

Male Boxx: Paul Sprangers of Free Energy

Paul Sprangers is the frontman of Free Energy, the Philly indie band whose traditional rock power hooks are met with equally boisterous entertainment at their live shows. The quintet released their first album Stuck on Nothing in 2010 and quickly [...]

January 9, 2013 Features, Male Boxx