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Glasser – Interiors (True Panther)

Francisco Reyes October 10, 2013
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Cameron Mesirow, aka Glasser, was introduced in 2010 with her debut album Ring. The unparallelled manner she delivered her melodic chants, and the comparisons made to Bjork and Kate Bush, created stirs within the indie world. Still relatively nascent, the experimental electro artist continues in her journey to find her voice and Interiors is the latest mark in her ongoing search.

Interiors is, above all, a piece of aural architecture. After leaving her home state of California for New York, Mesirow was inspired by Rem Koolhaas’ book Delirious New York, which postured that New York’s skyscrapers are brimming with secrets. The album is a valiant attempt to extract buried secrets not only from the buildings that surround Mesirow, but also the secrets from the ones within herself, as in the song “Keam Theme,” where Mesirow tries to decipher a dream about the love she longs to know more about, while accompanied by a towering synth over the repeated lyrics “How long before I know you?”

Mesirow’s approach to creating the music for Interiors was to give listeners a freedom from instruments and construct fresh sounds. With the help of producer Van Rivers, the nuances are less synthetic sounding, rather almost organic. She uses her breathing and soft yelps as percussion in “Design,” while landscaping the song with a swaying synth. But for the majority of the album, the heavy textured song structure was at times too dense and distracting.

The physical and emotional strains created by our surroundings is a clear theme on Interiors—sometimes, it is an overstated message, sometimes provoked by anxiety (“Shapes”). Mesirow may have leaned too much on her architectural concept while avoiding the kind of risks that made her so innovating in the past.

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