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Boxx’s Shows Of the Year 2014

Boxx Magazine December 29, 2014

From Riot Fest’s 10th anniversary to Veruca Salt’s reunion, here’s our top 10 favorite shows this year:

dollyrots 2

The Dollyrots, September 12 in New York City

They borrow a drummer, make balloon animals and deliver pop punk gems.

Die Antwoord

Riot Fest, September 12-14

The fest marks 10 years. Here’s our 10 favorite moments from Patti Smith’s protests to Gwar’s new frontwoman.

veruca salt brick

Veruca Salt, July 24 in New York City

It’s the reunion we thought we’d never see coming.

Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, June 1 in Chicago

We hope Charlotte Kemp Muhl and Sean Lennon stay together forever, if just for their amazing harmonies.

Perfect Pussy

Perfect Pussy & Potty Mouth, May 29 in L.A.

Riot grrrl and grunge influences abound in this epic double set.


Helms Alee, May 14 in Chicago

While not many came to see these openers, those who did left the room speechless.


Julie Ruin, April 9 in Chicago

Kathleen Hanna makes a triumphant return, showing her impact and star power aren’t going anywhere.


Lorde, March 18 in Chicago

The 17-year-old girl with the greatest of expectations plays one of many sold-out shows.

Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett, February 18 in Chicago

Armed with a deadpan singing style and a wicked sense of humor, the young Aussie shows off her bone-dry charm.

Zoe Keating 2

Zoe Keating, January 10 in Chicago

The set featuree just a cello and a laptop but sounded like a full string orchestra.

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