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How to Bet on Boxing?

Boxing – A Game Of Will Power Is Now A Game Of Profit

The first evidence of boxing as a sport was found in the Sumerian inscriptions dated around 3rd century BCE. In the Roman gladiator period, boxing was banned due to excessive brutality, however, it resurfaced in London again in the latter half of the 16th century. Today, boxing is not only a popular sport but boxing betting is equally popular if not more.

Basic Odds

Unlike other sports, boxing is a sport that was designed for betting. Boxing betting has been in practice ever since the bare-knuckle era. To make your boxing betting right, you must know about the odds of boxing. Suppose there are two players A and B, and the lines propositions laid on them are -400 and +300 respectively. The minus sign means that you will risk four dollars to every dollar you bet on the “favorite” boxer. Fighter B whose proposition is +300 is an “underdog” and the plus sign means you will be gaining a profit of 3 dollars on every dollar you bet. However, it is important to look for the elements of upset with big underdogs.

Betting Options

There are quite a few options through which you can try boxing betting:

  1. Moneyline wagering: In this option, you can bet straightaway on a boxer. If you have bet $100 on fighter B and he wins, you simply get $134. On the other, hand if you bet on fighter A, you have to risk $140 and get $100 if he wins.
  2. Round betting: in this type the fighter you have bet on has to win that particular round outright.
  3. Method of victory: the bet is placed on the method that the fighter takes to beat his opponent such as Knock out, Technical knockouts, etc.

Boxing Betting Basic Strategy

  1. Bet on the boxer with a minus sign i.e. the favorite
  2. You must be a huge risk-taker to bet on the underdog
  3. Over/under betting is as effective in boxing betting as it is in cricket or football
  4. Method or victory strategy should only be chosen if you are aware of the skills of the fighters.

Beginners Tips

A short and simple tip for the beginners will be to compare the two participants in terms of their size, skills, punches punishment and simply the want for more. And the second tip would be to choose a reputable sportsbook. If you want to go for boxing betting, there is plenty of online sites that you can place your bet on. You can also try betting through mobile casinos which are legal casinos. These online casinos offer a casino bonus that can be used for sports betting to win real money. The casino bonus offered by the online casinos can also be used to play other casino games or if you like it you can play for real money. Bet on your favorite boxer online, who knows maybe he will be the new world champion.


Boxing might be one of the oldest sports in the world but betting online is one of the newest trends. So try it today.