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Boxing: Joshua World Heavyweight champion at the end of an epic fight

Anthony Joshua (D) defeated the Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko by KO technique on April 29, 2017, in Wembley, England.

Anthony Joshua defeated the Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko by a technical knockout on Saturday night in Wembley, while the young British retained his heavy IBF belt.

There were 90,000 spectators. They were all massaged in Wembley Stadium, delirious. There were noise and sweat, screaming and beatings. It lasted 11 rounds, and the referee put an end to the boxing match.

On the 11th Test, Wladimir Klitschko, cornered in the corner of the ring after a right uppercut and a volley of shots, could not stand. The referee took him, raised his arms. Anthony Joshua retained his title of the heavy IBF (International Boxing Federation).

There, the spirit was stronger than the experience: the 27-year-old Briton beat the 41-year-old Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko by KO technique after sending him down twice.

But it was tough, and the game was epic because the 2012 Olympic champion had to tap into his resources. Round six: he is sent to the ground, sounded, after a shot from the Ukranian. The referee has to count to eight, but the Brit stands up. This is the first time he’s been taken to the ground by professionals.

“An incredible event”

The fight is of a rare ferocity between the two boxers. Normal, Joshua’s always won his fights by KO. 18, until yesterday. And that’s what he’s still trying to do on Saturday night. He also managed to place a right uppercut/crochet web. Klitschko is knocked out, stumbles and gets up again. But the young Briton repeats. The referee then stops the fight.

“The best deserved to win, and tonight, the best was Anthony. It was an incredible event,” said Klitschko at the end of the fight. “I enjoyed the fight. I hope you too”, he also reacted on Twitter.

“Did you see the heart Klitschko showed in this fight? You have to respect him for that. Keep your head up my brother, ” praised World Heavyweight champion, Lennox Lewis.

A fight Joshua-Fury

But Joshua, who had said that this duel would only be one step closer to” greatness, ” did not take the time to savor. “I fight with all my heart, and then I move on,” said the Englishman. “Tyson Fury, are you ready? I like to fight. I know Tyson Fury talks a lot and I’d like to offer 90,000 people another boxing night like this.”

Tyson Fury, a 28-year-old British boxer, also defeated Klitschko in 2015. He is the 2015 IBF world heavyweight champion, as well as WBO (World Boxing Organization) and WBA (World Boxing Association) 2015-2016.

“Challenge accepted. We are going to give the world the greatest fight of the last 500 years. I’m going to play with you,” Fury replied immediately. “Well done Anthony Joshua good fight, you’ve been between life and death with Klitschko, and I’ve played with the guy,” he also tweeted.