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Saturday 17th October 2015,


Male Boxx: Mark Tremonti

Jordan Young March 27, 2013


Most people might know Mark Tremonti from his album-selling juggernaut of a band, Creed. Or you may recognize him from his other band, Alter Bridge, or his newest project Tremonti. But there’s much more to him than the talent to compose songs that will get stuck in your head and the ability to shred a guitar’s fret board into pieces with his fingers. One of the most surprising attributes of Termonti is that he has managed to pass through the music industry’s digestion without developing an ego or any delusion of self.

Right now he is in and out of the studio working on new tracks for a fourth Alter Bridge album and tour dates will be announced soon. He just wrapped up a European and short U.S. tour with his band Tremonti. They released an album last July titled All I Was, which features Tremonti testing out his lead vocalist chops. They will be headlining KLAQ Balloonfest 2013 in El Paso on May 25

We caught a few moments with him while he warmed up his fingers for a show in Illinois, and asked him about some women who rock.

Who are some of your favorite female artists?

Lzzy Hale from Halestorm is one of the best women in rock out right now.”

“Also, Chloe Lowery, the singer for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, she has her own band called Chameleon. When I heard her live I turned to John [from Sevendust] and we both had that jaw-dropped look, we were in awe of the power in her voice.”

Were there any female guitarists that influenced you?

“Sadly there were none. I grew up in metal and there just weren’t a lot of women in metal. But there were women vocalists I liked. Sarah McLachlan is awesome, and Tori Amos is also really great.”

Are there any female guitarists now that you admire?

Bonnie Raitt is an awesome guitar player. Also, Susan Tedeschi, she has a band called Tedeschi Trucks Band, where she is the singer and rhythm guitar player.”

Who are some other female musicians you enjoy?

Cindy Blackman, who is most famous for drumming for Lenny Kravitz, is amazing.

Also, the bass player for Jeff Beck, Tal Wilkenfeld is incredible. Alicia Keys is awesome!”

What female artists do you recommend people check out?

“I recommend ‘Midnight in Harlem,’ from the Tedeschi Trucks Band, and anything else by them.

Live at Ronnie Scott’s [a live album from Jeff Beck] to check out Tal Wilkenfeld..

Some other artists to check out: I really dig the Alabama Shakes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are incredible, and k.d. lang.”

[photo credit: tremontiproject.com

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